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Cedric played his radio
So loud inside his room,
It shook and jarred the neighborhood
Just like a sonic boom:

The city rats and cats ran south
And every dog bow-wowed.
His mother hollered at his door,
"The music is too loud!"

But Cedric didn't hear her scream
Nor see the ceiling shake;
For blocks the windows shattered out,
The earth began to quake.

It melted snow in Montreal
And woke up folks in Spain,
A woman walking on the moon
Called NASA to complain.

When Cedric's door had rattled loose
His mother rushed inside;
And when he saw her jaw and tongue
Were flapping fast and wide,

He promptly turned the volume down
And stepped his mother's way.
"The music was too loud," he said,
"What were you trying to say?"

--William Shakespeery




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